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Mehedi Hasan Nahid

Hi, My name is Mehedi Hasan Nahid, I am a web developer.

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  • My business generates traffic to our website consistently.
  • We target the right audience and tweak it to get the best ROI.
  • We have a working system that re-targets our website visitors.

How We Can Help

What we do is drive quality traffic to your website and follow up with these visitors through retargeting algorithms.

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Step One - Invest in a Working System

Step back from your current process for a moment and make sure what you now do converts. There is no point in throwing money at something that doesn't work.

We provide the focused leads, and you do the converting to high paying customers.

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Step Two - Use Highly Segmented Audiences

Most Facebook ads fail because everyone gets dumped into the same bucket as an audience. And when ads don't work, people give up.

We segment audiences to find buyers in your niche and further segment them by finding which are ready to purchase.

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Step Three - Reclaim Money Left on the Table

90% of business owners leave tons of money on the table monthly. It's simply irresponsible not to use social media marketing.

Using our system, you'll reclaim those who visit but need a gentle reminder to buy.

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Step Four - Delegate Wisely

We often find business owners who throw up a Facebook ad and pray it's going to work. It flops and they give up.

They have no time to learn the art of copywriting, scale winning ads, kill losing ones, create correct audiences. Lack of time causes them to lose out on big revenue.

We can manage your social media advertising 100% and provide quality leads you can use to convert into high paying customers.

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Step Five - Have Many Touch Points

Stay in front of the competition by meeting your customer not only on one platform, but all over the Internet. Doing this gives you great credibility. We can do this for you and help you grow your business.

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Step Six - Join Us

You can either join us, or watch as we continue to put our competition to rest.

Two options: Go it alone and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars figuring this stuff out, getting frustrated and wasting your companies resources, or let us do it for you.

We recommend our 90 Day Paid Traffic Profit Program.

Let's See If You're a Fit

90-Day Paid Traffic Profit Program

This is our flagship service. Over these 90 days we come in and totally transform your advertising efforts. Within 14 days you’ll have your ads running. In 90% of cases all we need are photos from your end and our in-house copywriting expert starts to construct your campaigns. They work in conjunction with our in-house Facebook ad specialist to make sure that the right message is landing to the right audience set. Dave works on the strategy, making sure that have everything in order to have a successful campaign.

We’re very proud of our work having never brought in less than a 2X ROI. If we decide to work with you, it’s only because we genuinely believe it’s going to be a home run. This 90-day program is a fixed 3 month agreement and then from there it’s rolling month by month.

Three Steps

How to Scale Your Business

Optimize Your Lead Generation

Most businesses have an inconsistent source of leads. Leads come to your website and leave and there's ZERO compelling follow-up to get this lead to convert.

No re-targeting. They vanish.

Think about it. With this method, there's no way to properly assign capital and scale the business.

Know Your Numbers

When you understand what conversion your sales process brings, you know your numbers. Most don't. When you know this equation, you can constantly buy traffic and outbid your competitors for it.

Think: when I spend $X advertising, my Return On Investment will be $XX. I know for every X I spend, I will reap XX.


People come to your website and if they immediately leave (distracted, life gets in the way), we track them with pixels that cleverly follow up with them with a reminder (ad placement about your business) on a variety of platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Instant Messenger, etc.) All 100% automated.

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Contact us to see if you are a fit.  Recover visitors to your site and stop leaving money on the table.